Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve run into an issue I can’t solve myself, who do I contact?
A: Please contact both Vinay & Dan directly at and One of use will get back to you shortly.

Q: Please explain & compare my payment options.
A: Sure, you have 4 options in total:
1) One-time, up-front, pick-up - you pay $360 up-front or $60/week.
2) One-time, up-front, delivery - you pay $402 up-front or $67/week.
3) Weekly, auto recurring, pick-up - you pay $63 weekly or $378 total.
4) Weekly, auto recurring, delivery - you pay $70 weekly or $420 total.
The one-time payment is priced lower to encourage up-front payment and provide our restaurants with as much money up-front as possible. As always, 100% of proceeds go directly to the restaurant.

Q: What’s the delivery radius for the program?
A: Please see a map of our delivery radius below. Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda, Silver Springs, Rockville. Just enter your zip code during checkout and we’ll be able to tell you if we deliver to your area.

Q: How is this different than just ordering from these restaurants through a delivery app?
A: Great question. There are 2 main differences. First, yes when you order through a delivery app you are also supporting restaurants (kudos), BUT the delivery app takes a 30% cut so the restaurant only gets 70% of the check. In Supper Club, the restaurants get 100% of the check every time. We never take a cut of any kind. Second, some of these restaurants aren't available for delivery.

Q: How many subscriptions should I order?
A: Each subscription is designed for 1 person. So if you’re ordering for you & your partner we recommend 2. If you’re ordering for a small family 2 should probably cover it as well.

Q: Are the dinners ready-to-eat or a meal kit? How much prep do I need to do? Will there be re-heat instructions?
A: Each dinner will be ready-to-eat with limited prep work, e.g., add A to B. We've worked together with the chefs to ensure food quality in transit. Each meal will arrive with optimal re-heat instructions provided by the chef, and can be enjoyed immediately or saved in the fridge until the next day.

Q: I would love to participate but I won’t be in DC for part of the time. Can I still join?
A: Absolutely. You will still need to pay for the full program, but we have two options for you. One, you can donate the meals for the week(s) you will be away to an DC healthcare worker. Two, you can ask us to give the meal(s) to someone at your same address (e.g., another apartment in your building). We already have folks doing both of these options; if this is something you’d like to do too, please email Vinay & Dan at the addresses above.

Q: I have a food allergy / dietary restriction. Can you accommodate me?
We're sorry but we aren't able to accommodate customizations or substitutions, even for very valid reasons. We're doing our best to support the chefs at this time and with their reduced staff it's not something they are able to handle. The allergens in each meal will be clearly labeled. If you have a less common allergy, like one diner’s Brazil nut allergy, you’re likely in the clear. If it does come up you can consider donating that meal, i.e., the restaurant still gets paid but we stop delivery for the week you designate.

Q: When can I pick-up my order?
A: If you select the pick-up option it applies to all 6 meals. Once the sign-up period is complete, you will be assigned a day of the week (either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) on which your meals will be prepared. You will also be provided a schedule of the restaurants that will be preparing your meals. On that day please visit the restaurant between 4pm and 8pm to pick-up your dinner. Please see a map of the restaurant locations below.

Q: When will I get my delivery each week?
A: Once the sign-up period is complete, you will be assigned a day of the week (either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) on which you will receive your delivery. Your delivery will arrive every week between the hours of 4-8pm. Please plan to be home during that time window in order to receive your delivery.

Q: Can I pick what day I get my dinners?
A: Logistically, we are unable to let everyone request the day they want. If everyone were to request the same day that would overwhelm the restaurants. The restaurants need an even spacing of meals to make this work. Once your day is assigned, you will receive all 6 meals on that same day of the week.

Q: I ordered more than 1 subscription that are all going to the same address. Why do I have to pay delivery more than once?
A: Great question. Because we are delivering all over the DC area the delivery fees we collect do not fully cover the cost of your delivery - we cover the difference ourselves, so the $14 is a subsidized rate.

Q: Is it food only or are you also offering drinks?
A: Another great question. Right now the program is only limited to food, but we reserve the right to add delicious drinks in the months ahead.

Q: Are there any other goodies included in the subscription?
A: Yes, we’re planning a fun surprise for all our generous patrons. More to come.


Delivery Area & Restaurant Location Map