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First Course - Carota - carrots four ways: roasted, pickled, shaved, fried, herbed yogurt

Second Course - Anatra - crispy duck confit, kalettes, friseline, pickled and sweet rhubarb

Third Course - Torta Della Nonna - pine nut and vanilla custard tart, seasonal fruit compote, whipped mascarpone



First Course - Bring carrots to room temperature. Lightly season with salt and pepper. Place yogurt sauce on the bottom of the plate. Sprinkle pickled carrots on top of sauce. Place carrot ribbons on top of carrots (they act as an edible suspension). Season frisee with salt and pepper. Dress with 1/2 of the lemon dressing (reserve the remaining dressing for the Duck Dish). Place frisee on top of raw carrot ribbons. Top the entire salad with crispy fried carrot. Enjoy!

Second Course - Place sauté pan on medium low heat. Add 1 T of extra virgin olive oil. Add duck skin side down in pan and slowly brown skin all over for 15 minutes. Be sure not to touch the duck leg until you have a crust form on the skin and it easily lifts, approximately 10 minutes through. In the last two minutes, flip the leg and gently warm the other side. Add kalettes for last minute to warm. Season duck leg and kalettes with salt and pepper. Toss the mustard green and frisee lettuce with the remaining 1/2 ramekin of lemon dressing. Add the pickled rhubarb and season with a touch of salt and pepper. Place the rhubarb marmelade on the bottom of the dish. Top with duck leg confit. Place kalette on the side of the duck. Add mustard green and frisee salad. Enjoy!

Third Course - Enjoy as is!



First Course - Dairy

Second Course - N/A

Third Course - Dairy, Gluten & Pinenuts


First Course:


Second Course: