Cane Supper Club Menu


First Course - Callaloo Soup - Crispy Crab Wonton/Okra/Coconut Milk

Second Course - Whole  Five Spice Poussin - Spring Chicken/Caramelized Plantains/Jasmine Rice/House Oyster Sauce

Third Course - Sesame palmier with coconut pudding



First Course - Wonton should be heated for 2 min in 375 degree oven. Reheat the soup in a microwave (1-2 minutes) or a sauce pan until hot

Second Course - Place cornish hen on a baking tray and reheat in 375 degree oven to crisp skin for about 5-10 minutes. Pour the sauce over the hen before serving

Third Course - Enjoy as is



First Course - soy and coconut

Second Course - soy

Third Course - wheat, milk, eggs, dairy, coconut